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A Helping Hand for Fellow Vaper

There are just those times in life when  a little help from your friends means the world – a friend to many of us in the vape community ( Matthew Turvish aka toaster) –  posted  in one of the vape groups on Facebook (wicks & coils)   that he was looking to sell some of his vape equipment to gather enough money to supplement his wife’s insurance coverage  as she was in a bad accident with a non-insured driver who was speeding. Now  I’m sure like  all of us we do what we have to do.. but when you think of someone selling off their vape collection to make ends meet in a crisis it hits us at home.  We Really don’t want to see that happen!  Matt never asked for help of any kind  other than to  offer his vape stuff for sale – here is his post :

Tonight my Wife was hit by a speeding driver with no insurance and a suspended license. Her vehicle is destroyed (like part of the transaxle through the floorboard,destroyed) currently at hospital for cat scans and x-rays . Not vape related but depending on coverage I may be selling off a good portion of my collection and you guys will get first go . 12 drippers , 8 tanks , and 10 mods picked out so far to sell.

A GoFundMe Page was then set up for them -A HUGE Thank you to Brie Stabile & Jai Haze- to help them out  so he could get things taken care of without having to sell off his vape collection – any donation I am Sure will be very appreciated –  Full information is on the  page – along with a photo of his beautiful wife who was so very lucky  not to have more injuries than she has. Her car though I am afraid  was totaled.

Thank you to anyone who can help or pass this along

Vapers helping Vapers in need!!

Vape on!